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On the official Operation Moonfall web page ( they said that if the petition reaches 50,000 signatures, Nintendo would notice it. Quote: "In our interview with Nathanial Rumphol-Janc, Co-Owner and Webmaster of Zelda Informer, Co-Creator of Operation Moonfall, we discovered that the leaders of the movement felt that their petition would catch Nintendo’s eye if it reached 50,000 signatures." The petition now has 41,933 signatures, which means we're about 8,000 signatures away from reaching the 50,000 signatures wanted. They're overall goal is to reach 100,000 signatures by the end of the year. With this kind of support (Within four months, getting 50,000 sigs) this goal may become a reality.

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Thank you for your time!

Maxwell Dean
Quoted from JoeHoganArt's journal:
"Dealio: Zelda Sketch Card contest. We get enough people to submit enough cards, and first place winner gets OoT 3D, and everyone wins a slew of free art!"

If you remember, JoeHoganArt was the artist behind this Operation Moonfall awareness piece. Now, here's what I'm thinking. Even though the contest is open to all Zelda games, let's see how many Majora's Mask entries we can muster up to further raise awareness of Operation Moonfall! And best of all, there's that chance of getting Ocarina of Time 3D for free!

For more information about the contest rules and requirements, visit the journal entry on JoeHoganArt's page.
Nintendo is having this 3ds conference on September 13th, so maybe they'll announce that they're making Majora's Mask 3ds. But there is a lot of other speculation going around so... Only time will tell.…

Also in Skyward Sword it's been said that you'll visit familiar places that may or MAY NOT be a part of Hyrule. For those who are thinking "How does this reference to Majora's Mask?" Simple, that place could be Termaina!… (Release date in the States: November 20th, Europe: November 18th, Australia and Japan: Q4 2011)

Just Have Faith,

~ Maxwell Dean
Hey, Max, I have good news. No, Nintendo hasn't confirmed a MM 3d being remade, but Zelda Williams has openly endorsed the creation of Th Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask 3d.…

Just Have Faith,

~ Maxwell Dean
Hey, Max this time, I just wanted to post some articles created by Hylian Dan about the Message of Majora's Mask as well as Memories of Majora by The Missing Link. I'm also posting another article about Hylian Dan called Immortal Childhood, it talks about reoccurring themes in the Zelda series. Thought that I'd share them with you.

The Message of Majora's Mask:…

Immortal Childhood:…

Memories of Majora:…

As for making noise, I'm pretty sure you've done what you can, besides going the extra three days, as said by TheVioletFox in the previous blog, if you missed out here's the link: majorasmask3dremake.deviantart…

For those who are new to the group, I first want to say thank you for showing the support, and don't forgot to show the support to the other social networks as well. Also, don't forget to sign the petition:… They have almost 20,000 signatures, just a little under three thousand more. So for those who may be starting to get discouraged, remember the Happy Mask Salesman: Just Have Faith.

I also got two messages from Nintendo, one was from  the beginning, when I first heard about the possibility, and the other came a week or so later.

First Email:

Hello Max,

Thanks for writing.  It’s great to hear what you would like to see from us in the future, and I’m happy to document your comments and share them with other departments here at Nintendo.

I know that it would be great to tell you that The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask has been announced for the Nintendo 3DS system, and provide the release date.  Unfortunately, there hasn’t been an announcement or even a hint of an announcement—so for now we have to assume that it doesn’t yet exist.

Second Email:

Hello Max,

Thanks for contacting us.  It's great to hear what a dedicated fan you've been of The Legend of Zelda series.  We appreciate the enthusiasm of our Zelda fans!  I wanted to let you know that your comments have been documented and reported to the relevant departments here at Nintendo.

At the risk of dampening the excitement you feel, I must be clear that no official announcements have been made regarding a remake of The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask for the Nintendo 3DS.  However, we like hearing what our consumers find important.

-- Edit-- Go check if you're a 3ds Ambassador! NoA got the thing up, so type in you're bar code (If it doesn't work, exclude the number in the box) Here's the Link:…

Thanks for your time,

~ Maxwell Dean